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Indian Head A.J.M Davies Arena

Ice Surface and Seating Capacity 

The A.J.M. Davies Arena's ice surface is one of the biggest in Saskatchewan.  It measures 190` (length) by 85` (width).  Each bleacher outside can seat up to 100 people and the heated, accessible upper level can seat up to 150 people giving a total seating capacity of 650.  Behind the glass on the north end there is roughly enough room for 60 people to stand and watch the game.



Dressing Rooms

The A.J.M. Davies Arena has 6 dressing rooms that all have access to showering facilities.  The home dressing room measures 36' x 12.5', the away dressing room measures 29' x 12.5' and the four other dressing rooms measure 17.5' x 10'.  Having 6 fully functional dressing rooms is a great asset for hosting a larger style hockey tournament. 




Concession Booth & Upstairs

The A.J.M. Davies Arena has a full functional concession booth that is open for all games and tournaments located on the upper level.  This heated viewing area is accessible by stairway or lift, and features a fully accessible washroom. The concession booth is a great way to get a meal in and not miss any of the action.